23 Best Travel Blogs: Discover Inspiration and Guest Blogging Opportunities

23 Best Travel Blogs: Discover Inspiration and Guest Blogging Opportunities

Did you know the spark behind some of the best travel blogs today started in the 1700s? That’s right, travel writing rose to popularity with the use of paper, long before the age of online blogs and social media. Today, travel blogs document the world through the eyes of individuals, couples, and families. 

But why is this form of blogging so popular? How can joing the ranks of the best travel blogs impact you and your writing? You might be surprised at the diversity of travel blogs, where people go, why they travel, and their purpose behind their globetrotting. 

and-their-rise-to-popularity”>Best Travel Blogs and Their Rise To Popularity

With work moving online, especially in the last three years, writers are free to travel the world. Some of the best travel blogs are powerful in several key ways, not least of which is their capacity to record events taking place around the world. 

What makes the best travel blogs so beloved is multifaceted, but a few reasons behind the art of travel blogs are the following: 

  • Provide followers a personalized look around the world
  • Create another form of education for viewers 
  • Teach about cultures, individuals, and historical landmarks 

However, travel blogging is also a great side hustle that you can turn into a lucrative career. Once you build up a following, you can transition from working to travel into traveling to work. Let’s take a look at some of the best travel blogs.

#1 – The Shooting Star 

Shivya Nath is an award-winning traveler who writes about sustainable travel, conscious living, veganism, and climate change. Her blog brings in thousands of views on a monthly basis. Shivya’s blog is a personal one, so while she does not seem to accept guest posts, she’s a great blogger to learn from.

#2 – Joshua Berman

This blog stands out among travel blogs for its rich content, niché, and adventurous focus. With a variety of posts and focuses, Joshua keeps a content-heavy blog with numerous resources. If you’re looking to get your foot in the door, you may want to inquire if he accepts guest posts. 

and-dine”>#3 – Hike and Dine

Do you love travel blogs that focus on the beauty of nature but also the deliciousness of food? Do you have an experience you’d love to share with a large audience? Contact Hike and Dine and share your story!

#4 – Notes from the Road

This personal blog shares not just well-crafted notes from the road of travel but artistic photography that draws you into the traveling experience. 

#5 – Under The Overpass

An entirely different form of travel, Mike Yankoski shares his story through handwritten journal entries recorded during the time he chose to spend homeless. This travel blog is far from glamorous but deeply inspiring.

#6 – Uncornered Market

This husband and wife team joins together to bring you a variety of experiences and resources. Running a career with a variety of offerings, they may be open to a guest blog, provided you share why your contribution could benefit their site. 

#7 – My Family Travels

This family travel website hosts a variety of posts from various bloggers. If you’re looking to up the number of travel blogs you’ve written for, contact this highly detailed travel team.

#8 – Adventurous Kate

With 83 countries under her belt and adventuring to all seven continents, Kate brings a bold flare to travel blogs. If you’re a female traveling solo, you may be able to contribute to her articles.

#9 – Nomad Flag

Keith has more than 25 years of travel experience. Seeking to learn from established travel blogs? Look no further than the Nomad Flag.

writer“>#10 – An English Travel writer

Jenny shares her English travel experiences with a friendly voice and photos that bring her experiences to life.

#11 – Nomadic Matt

Matt teaches travelers how to travel smart and cheap and even offers a blogging training program.

#12 – Oneika the Traveller

This Emmy Award-winning journalist is a self-proclaimed perpetual explorer. An on-camera host for Travel Channel and NBC, she has set foot in 120 countries. 

#13 – Globe Trotting

Travel blogs targeting families can be a huge help to young parents. Need advice on how to take your next adventure? Check out Globe Trotting!

#14 – Travis Levius

A luxury travel journalist, Travis’s travel blogs will take you on otherworldly adventures across the globe. 

#15 – The Incidental Tourist 

Dawn’s blog offers extensive travel resources. She also invites you to contact her for potential collaborations. 

#16 – Lydia Scapes

Looking for some adventure travel, specifically climbing? Lydia has you covered from tips on staying in Rome to climbing gear you shouldn’t go without. 

#17 – O. Christine

O. Christine is an established travel blogger who partners with brands. While she does not accept guest posts, she does offer ways to work together. 

#18 – Wild Blue Family

Wild Blue is a family-run travel blog who calls Hawaii their base camp. The parents’ first date was a hike, so joining the ranks of travel blogs is a natural next step. They do accept sponsored posts.

#19 – Where the Kids Roam

One of many family travel blogs, this one is run by the father who writes in a quirky, yet enlightening, voice.

#20 – Meet Me Here

Paul focuses on experiencing the world through taste and helping others travel. While most travel blogs center around the blogger’s travels, Paul’s focus is helping his readers experience the delights of Georgia. 

#21 – Intrepid Times

If you’d like to submit your work to an already established travel writing blog, or enter a competition, Intrepid Times is for you. They also offer a writing internship. 

#22 – Travel Writing World

This award-winning travel writing podcast and website also offers podcast interviews, author profiles, articles, and book reviews. If you fit one of these categories, you may want to reach out about a potential collaboration. 

#23 – Wanderlust Marriage

This couple met in Brugge, Belgium in 2002. They were simply solo, post-college backpackers heading to the same location—Amsterdam. Fast forward and they now help travelers create the best experiences, memories, and budget-friendly trips.

How To Break Into The Travel Blogs Niché

After viewing so many phenomenal travel blogs, you may feel the slow dread of Imposter Syndrome creeping up. Instead of focusing on the places you haven’t traveled, focus on the places you have been, even if it’s only the town you were born in. Meet Me Here is a great example of how to build travel blogs out of a single location. Hike and Dine’s niché focuses on its two most-loved activities.

If you’re unsure how to break in, ask yourself the following: 

  • What do I particularly gravitate to?
  • How does travel add a new angle?
  • What travel blogs should I learn from?
  • What ones could I learn to build ideas from?

Travel blogs differ in a variety of ways, each bringing their unique angle to the experience of travel. Whether you love rock climbing or a glass of wine after a day hike, you can find your niché among travel bloggers. 

Don’t forget that travel blogs do not usually begin as an award-winning site. It takes time to build your credibility and following, but with persistence in the right direction, you can do so. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey, pun intended, and let us know where you travel to!

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