Best Notebooks For Writers: 7 Quality Paper Options

Best Notebooks For Writers: 7 Quality Paper Options

Notebooks for writers used to be one of the primary tools needed to achieve writing dreams. We could go back to parchment and charcoal or jump ahead to a quill and ink, but as long as writing has been around, some form of capturing words has as well.

While it is much more efficient to type (or even speak) your words, at least from a time perspective, notebooks for writers are still in vogue. 

In fact, involving your senses in learning can improve your retention. With this in mind, let’s discuss various notebooks for writers and seven options you can choose from. But first, what should go into your purchasing decision? 

How To Choose Your Next Notebook

Writers are notorious for stacking up piles of unused notebooks (as well as unread books). There’s something so fun about going out to your favorite store, looking through the various notebooks, and deciding that you could use just one more.

Speaking from experience, I could easily get lost in the leather journal section of Barnes & Noble. There’s something about purchasing a new notebook that just makes you feel like a writer. But how do you choose the best one for your specific needs? 

There are two key questions to answer before making your next notebook purchase. When it comes to notebooks, knowing exactly what you need and why is key. 

Hardcover or Softcover?

Let’s say that you plan to go on a day hike but want to jot down notes about your work in progress. Because you won’t be writing at a desk you may want to choose a hardcover notebook.

Similarly, if you’re flying overseas and your luggage is already full, choosing a soft cover notebook will likely make your life much easier than trying to cram a hardcover one into your overstuffed carry on.

Lined or Blank? 

The second main question to ask is if you want a lined notebook or a blank notebook. Some people prefer to color in the lines so to speak and others tend to lean toward the free spirit version of notebooks. There is no right or wrong answer, just what is best for you. With your answers in mind, let’s dive into notebooks for writers! 

7 Notebooks For Writers

Whether you are a lefty or right-handed, looking for a spiral bound notebook or something small to fit in your pocket, look through the list below for inspiration on your next notebook purchase.

#1 – Moleskin

According to Writerly Sage, the Moleskin has a heritage going back to the era of Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. As far as notebooks for writers are concerned, Moleskins are a great first place to look. They come in a variety of options:

  • Softcover
  • Hardcover
  • Lined
  • Graphed
  • Blank
  • Various sizes 
  • Plethora of colors 

This tried and true notebook is an essential because it covers a variety of writer needs. 

#2 – Twin Sparrow

For the earthy, flower-loving creatives among us, Twin Sparrow is a great choice. Their notebooks are perfect to pair with your current read or for taking notes on your next manuscript. 

Additionally, each notebook is designed with an inspiration word on the front cover:

  • Inspire
  • Becoming
  • Hope
  • Abide
  • Explore

Choose from even more options to personalize the purpose behind your notebook. Twin Sparrow has a few added reasons for making your next purchase with them. Their products are:

  • Sourced with the highest quality leather possible
  • Hand crafted in Northern California
  • Supplied in the USA

Support your writing endeavors while supporting a quality business!

#3 – Mead Cambridge

You can’t find much more of a classic in notebooks for writers than when you stumble upon the Mead Cambridge selection. 

Ruled pages, spiral bound, but still elegant, these notebooks have taken me through both college classes and writing conferences. Plus, this classic notebook comes in many formats and colors.

#4 – Left Handed Notebook

Most notebooks for writers cater to the majority of the right-handed population, and understandably so. However, with this ruled, 48-page, soft cover notebook you can say goodbye to the days of flipping your notebook upside down as a lefty. 

Specifically created with land-handed writers in mind, this notebook is minimal, small enough to slip in your purse or jacket pocket, and will make your note-taking so much easier. 

#5 – Large Left Handed Notebook

Out of all the notebooks for writers in the world, this one has the spiral binding on the right-hand side. Why? It’s designed for lefties! If the compact notebook is just too small for you, consider adding this assorted-color, perforated, 8.5″ x 10.5″, 100 sheet notebook to your backpack. 

You won’t have to awkwardly lift your arm while trying to take notes and the wide-ruled spacing gives you room to get creative

#6 – Blank Journal

Paperage is a blank notebook, much like the Moleskin mentioned above but for roughly 50% of the price, and comes in a variety of colors. Their premium paper includes the following attributes: 

  • Acid-free paper to help hold up over the test of time
  • Thicker paper than average notebooks (100 gsm)
  • Most pens, pencils, and even markers will not bleed through 

If you love taking notes with markers or sharpies, this one’s for you! No more ink seeping onto the next page, acid free paper, and at a great price, this classic will keep your notes for years to come.

#7 – Rustico Personalized Notebook

Last, but certainly not least in our notebooks for writers is the Rustico, personalized, leather notebook. For those willing to invest, this notebook is both practical and can be used as a keepsake. 

  • Small size: 5.5” x 7.25” x 1.75”
  • 160 lined pages
  • Cream-colored, rough-cut paper
  • Hand sewn spine and a flap-tie closure
  • Made from top-grain cowhide leather 

and bonus, you can personalize this notebook so if it’s tied closed, everyone knows who owns it simply by glancing at the front cover. This is a great notebook for tracking major wins in your writing journey, including key notes, or even collecting quotes from your favorite authors. 

Begin Your Road To Success Today

If you’ve ever listened to a motivational speaker or worked with a personal life coach, you’ve likely heard that writing down your goals is an important step in the process of achieving them.

When it comes to your writing dreams, the same rules apply. Using a notebook to track your progress is a fantastic writing strategy. While it may feel miniscule to put much thought into what type of notebook you purchase, choosing the best one for you will make you that much more likely to actually use it.

Once you begin to use your notebook, you will see your dreams, goals, successes, and lessons you’ve learned compile. Over time your notebook can become a physical map recounting the highs and lows of your progress.

When you feel discouraged, simply open your notebook and glance through how far you’ve come. Upon consideration, is there really any such thing as “just” notebooks for writers? Notebooks can play a key role in author success.

As you’ve seen, the Moleskin is said to go as far as Hemingway’s era. Notebooks matter, and notebooks for writers can play a crucial role in the writing process. Which one will you choose to aid you on your writing journey?

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