How to Find Remote Writing Jobs (5 Sites to Look)

How to Find Remote Writing Jobs (5 Sites to Look)

One of the biggest perks of becoming a freelance writer is you can do your job from anywhere, whether it’s cozy on the couch, on a beach somewhere tropical, or at a desk with three monitors…the choice is yours! 

Remote writing jobs offer a ton of flexibility so you can choose how and where you spend your time working. But the real question is, which type of remote writing job is best for you and where do you find them? 

Types of Remote Writing Job 

Remote writing jobs are positions that involves not being tied to a particular location. Due to how independent writing can be, it’s common to find remote work in this industry. 

Here are a few different types of remote writing jobs: 

Freelance Writing

Finding freelance writing work refers to working independently on a contract basis. You accept projects from clients and get paid upon completion. 

One advantage of freelance writing is you can choose how much you work with each client, as well as how many projects you take on at a time. Freelancers can also work on behalf of staffing agencies who help match writers to clients. 

SEO Content Writing 

SEO refers to search engine optimization, which is the practice of using specific keywords in your content to in order to rank on search engines such as Google. When this happens, your article or blog post displays in search results when someone inputs a relevant query.  

Blog Writing 

Blogging is great for SEO, which is my many businesses have a blog section on their website. However, businesses often lack a full blogging staff and rely instead on freelancers to create the bulk of their blog posts. Blog writers are needed in B2B and B2C industries so there are a lot of opportunities out there!

Social Media Writing 

Social media writing refers to any piece of writing that is for social media platforms (either directly or indirectly). This includes captions, LinkedIn articles, replies to comments, or anything else that build and engage with an audience online. 


Want to combine your love of writing and theater? Scriptwriting may just be for you. Whether it’s creating scripts for production companies, YouTube videos, a speech, or a screenplay, scriptwriters are always in demand. 


Many people confuse copywriting and content writing so let’s set the record straight: copywriting means to produce pieces of writing that promote a brand and establish it whereas content writing engages an audience in forms like blog posts.

Examples of copywriting include sales pages, marketing campaigns, and sales emails. 

Email Marketing

Any business owner will tell you that email marketing is crucial to their business. and email marketing is a great way to combine copywriting with marketing strategy. Whether you specialize in a particular email automation software, you help businesses plan and execute customer journeys, or you stick to writing emails, there’s a lot a freelancer can do in this space.


Another type of writing that has taken TikTok by storm is ghostwriting. This is essentially writing something without getting credit. Ghostwriters are in huge demand in the book world, the music world, and the corporate world (to name a few). Many people hire ghostwriters to write or co-write for them so they can save time and effort (and probably end up with a better product). 

Book Writing 

Writing a book is no small task, but the reward is certainly worth it (whether you’re writing for yourself or others). You can immerse yourself into a whole new story and, by writing remotely, you can get inspiration from any corner of the world. Not bad! You can then submit your book to publishers and get it out there for as many people to read as possible. 

Where to Find Remote Writing Jobs

There are more ways than ever to find remote writing jobs, and the demand from clients and companies continues to increase. Here are a few of the online platforms where writers go to find work (full time, part time, freelance, and everything in between). 


LinkedIn is no doubt the biggest social network site for you to put your CV on. Prospective clients are always looking for writers, freelancers, employees, and hard-working candidates on this platform. 

The great thing about LinkedIn is that it works both ways. You can apply for the jobs that are posted on there, and clients can also reach out to you directly. This is a smart platform to network on, so be sure to create an optimized profile to let potential employers know what your skills, experience, and expertise are! is a popular marketplace helping freelance designers, writers, bloggers, and developers find work and connect with clients. With over 10,000 active jobs and 50 million registered freelancers, there’s a lot of opportunity to find freelancing jobs. 

and-fiverr”>Freelance Platforms Such as Upwork and Fiverr 

If you’re looking to build your portfolio, freelancer bidding sites are a go-to for new writers. Fiverr and Upwork are some of the biggest marketplaces and once you have a profile, you can use the filters to search for jobs. It’s good to note that these platforms are best for entry-level work and can sometimes offer low pay so be sure to know what your rates are ahead of time! 

ProBlogger Job Board 

ProBlogger helps match writers to blogging opportunities, as well as helping writers boost their writing profiles. The job board lists hundreds of jobs at a time and covers a variety in niches including copywriting, ghostwriting, and editing. 

Indeed Job Board

Indeed is a great place to search for remote writing jobs, especially if you’re interested in being employed by one company. A lot of companies are distributed and open to hiring remote workers. Another nice perk is Indeed tracks your job search progress, making the job hunt a bit easier. 

The Benefits of Remote Writing 

Aside from the obvious of being able to work from anywhere, there are many advantages of remote writing jobs.  Here are a few benefits.

and-outcomes”>Increase Productivity and Outcomes

While writers based in the office must endure daily in-person meetings and distracting personal conversations, remote workers can attend the same meetings virtually but without the commute or interruptions. Remote writing jobs lets you complete your daily tasks at a faster rate for this reason. 

and-money”>Save Time and Money

Working remotely takes away the need to commute, which means you’re minimizing the amount of money and time spent on traveling or fuel. Not to mention you’ll no longer be paying a fortune on meals, work clothes, and car maintenance! You can also focus on utilizing your mornings more wisely before you set up for work. 

and-mental-health”>Prioritize Your Physical and Mental Health 

Working from home has proven to reduce a person’s stress levels because you feel more in control of your day. Whether it’s worrying less about rushing into work or no longer feeling sluggish when sitting at your office desk,  there are many ways taking remote writing jobs can help improve your well-being.  

Customize Your Workspace

Forget the fluorescent lighting and small desk space, remote working means you can create a fresher, more inviting work area for yourself to boost productivity. Place your desk in front of optimal sunlight, light a candle, or even hang your favorite decorations to add elements of your personality. 

We’ve covered all you need to know to hit the ground running finding remote writing jobs! If you’ve made your decision on which type of remote writing work you want to take on, then check out the job boards and platforms we’ve listed to find that perfect job match. Good luck and happy writing!

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