Spark Anthology Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $20) – Creative Writing News

Spark Anthology Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $20) – Creative Writing News

Spark Anthology is a literary magazine featuring great writing from new and established authors and poets.

It is a creative quarterly anthology accepting Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Stories, and creative Non-Fiction.


Submission Guidelines For Spark Anthology

Above all else, they appreciate great stories and great writing, and they try to be open about the content they select. However, to give yourself the highest chance of acceptance, here are a few things to consider:

  • Spark is not a genre-specific anthology; they are looking for great stories without boundaries. Therefore, most genres are considered, including Speculative Fiction, Western, Young Adult, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery/Crime, everything in-between, and impossible-to-classify works that blend elements from multiple categories.
  • However, due to current market saturation, the specific sub-genre “Young Adult Paranormal Romance” has very little chance of acceptance unless it’s truly outstanding.
  • We happily accept simultaneous submissions, so long as you show them the courtesy of letting them know that it has been submitted elsewhere, and withdrawing your submission promptly if your work is accepted by another publication.
  • They are very unlikely to accept anything containing explicit content, previously-published work and fan fiction.
  • They do not accept printed submissions. Paper manuscripts will be discarded unread. All submissions should be made through Submittable.


What They Are Looking For 

Short Stories

Short Stories up to 12,000 words will be considered. However, “twelve thousand” is not a goal or a challenge, it’s an upper limit. More important than word count is the quality of your work. Do not forget that they are looking for excellent, polished writing that pulls them into an engaging story.



Most forms are considered, both metered and unmetered, traditional and experimental. Poems from 3 to 100 lines have the best chance of acceptance. You may submit up to three poems at a time, but a separate submission form must be completed for each poem.


Flash Fiction

The ideal length for Flash Fiction submissions is about 500 to 750 words, but pieces up to 1500 words may be submitted in this category. Remember that Flash Fiction is not the same as Vignette; your short piece should still present an interesting and compelling story.


creative Non-Fiction

creative Non-Fiction is the beautiful union of exposition and literature. Tell us a true story, and tell it well. Word count limits are the same as for Short Stories.


Author Rights

When your work is accepted by Spark and you accept their offer to publish it, they are purchasing worldwide exclusive First Publication rights to distribute the text in multiple print and electronic formats for twelve months from acceptance or six months from publication, whichever is earlier, and a three-year non-exclusive worldwide license from the date of publication to continue to publish your work in other formats as part of the anthology volume in which it was first published without extending the license term and without constituting a new publication, and to keep that discrete anthology available in their salable inventory throughout that term.


Eligibility Criteria

  • There are no entry fees.
  • Any one can submit irrespective of their race, age, gender or nationality.


Pay Rates

They pay per word or $20 per work, whichever is more, for Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Stories and creative Non-fiction.

They strongly prefer and recommend payment through PayPal. This method enables the most accurate payment tracking, fastest payment, and simplest currency conversion from U.S. dollars for payments to International contributors.

However, they may be able to make other arrangements, such as Western Union or Wire Transfer, for international contributors who cannot create a PayPal address and cannot provide a U.S. postal address.

For questions or clarification on any topic, please contact them at [email protected].


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