TASTE Magazine Is Accepting Pitches/ How To Submit (Pay: TBD) – Creative Writing News

TASTE Magazine Is Accepting Pitches/ How To Submit (Pay: TBD) – Creative Writing News

TASTE Magazine is an esteemed platform in the realm of food culture. They offer a compelling opportunity for writers, photographers, and illustrators to contribute their expertise and creativity.

Led by Matt Rodbard, the editor in chief, TASTE provides a platform for stories that delve deep into the nuances of food culture, both past and present. With a focus on insightful narratives, unique perspectives, and inventive recipes, TASTE invites pitches that embody creativity, substance, and a clear point of view.

Submission Guidelines For TASTE Magazine 

  • Potential contributors to TASTE are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the platform’s content and ethos before submitting pitches.
  • TASTE values well-reasoned ideas supported by clear reporting, expertise, and a strong point of view.
  • While previous publication history and academic background are not prerequisites, prospective contributors should demonstrate their qualifications through samples of relevant work.
  • TASTE seeks stories that explore various facets of food culture, including trends, personal narratives, and innovative recipes.
  • From sharp examinations of current trends to personal reflections on unexamined topics, TASTE aims to provide readers with engaging and thought-provoking content.
  • Additionally, the platform welcomes thematic recipe-driven stories, surprising cooking features, and short, exciting recipes that capture readers’ attention.


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What They Don’t Want

While TASTE Magazine values diverse perspectives and creative storytelling, there are certain topics and approaches that are not aligned with the platform’s editorial focus. These include restaurant coverage solely for trendiness, personal narratives centered on access or privilege, forced time pegs related to food holidays, and obscure brand or maker profiles. Additionally, coverage of events like food festivals and stories from specific press trips are not within TASTE’s scope.

How to Pitch

  • Prospective contributors should send pitches via email to Matt Rodbard at [email protected].
  • Pitches should be pasted in the body of the email, with no attachments.
  • It is recommended to include samples of relevant work and to incorporate “pitch from freelance writer” into the email subject line to ensure visibility.
  • Pitches should outline the story in detail, including specific angles, reporting methods, and potential sources.


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Eligibility Criteria

  • TASTE welcomes pitches from writers, photographers, and illustrators with a passion for food culture and a knack for storytelling.
  • While formal qualifications are not a prerequisite, contributors should demonstrate their expertise and suitability for the proposed story through samples of previous work.
  • TASTE values diversity and welcomes pitches from individuals with varied backgrounds and perspectives.
  • There is no entry fee.

Author Rights

Authors whose pitches are accepted for publication retain the rights to their work, in accordance with TASTE’s editorial policies.

TASTE may edit submissions for clarity, style, and adherence to editorial guidelines, but authors maintain ownership of their content.


TASTE compensates contributors for their published work, although specific payment terms may vary depending on the nature and scope of the assignment. Contributors are encouraged to inquire about payment details upon acceptance of their pitches.

More questions? Please visit their social media page.
Good luck.


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